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Customized PM Training

Project Management is ... leading and motivating team members (functional experts) to ensure a project's goals are met according to company (or client) scope, time, quality and cost constraints.



Our customized approach results in an engaging and entertaining seminar with tactical tools and team building insights tailored to your company, department and employee needs:

• Project Management Defined - marco and micro strategic perspectives
Value to the Organization - Hours and $$$
• "The Dotted Line"  Team Structure - single and multiple projects
• Challenges - Full Plate, Calendar, Objective Setting, Lack of Resources...
• Leadership - Lessons from Good To Great (Jim Collins) and the Last Lecture (Randy Pausch)

• Tools for Success - Agendas, Minutes, Timetables, Contact Lists ...

• Project Tracking - Free copies of proprietary software and mobile app
• Putting it all Together - The 5 building blocks for successful project management


Let's get started - contact us to schedule a time to talk or meet in person

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Mark Bodkin
Director of Manufacturing
II-VI Infrared Optics

We took the opportunity to work with PMA on providing a customized training course on Project Management to a large group of managers, supervisors and engineers within our organization. The material provided was right on target to our expectations. Dave integrated in-house examples of timetables, meeting minutes etc... into the training material that allowed for quality interaction and communication between the participants. The information was delivered with passion and excitement keeping the team engaged in the training material. Dave was always available for support during the process and quick to provide feedback on any questions or concerns.

Jamie L Rossi
Assistant Director of Graduate Student Initiatives
Carnegie-Mellon University

We were introduced to Dave through outreach from Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Dave met with our office several times to develop a 90 minute seminar on the basic tenants of Project Management that was tailored to our audience and informative while being entertaining. We offered the session in January 2015 to overwhelming success and graduate student desire for a deeper dive into the topic. We opted to have Dave back over the summer to do an in-depth Project Management three-part series with our PhD students. We couldn't have been happier with the tailored, engaging experience delivered.


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