MindCart AI 

MindCart AI is a straight forward and economical, 4x4 web based version of conjoint (discrete choice) analysis which can be used to prioritize individual elements making up: Products, Communication or Promotions. This form of research is ideally suited to help learn which Categories  (Product Features, Customer Service, Business Building) and Elements your target consumers (customers) value most.

What is "conjoint" analysis? It is not … a prison, a strange cigarette or a form of arthritis. It's a mathematical methodology which makes it possible to have consumers (customers) react to a finite number of concepts (made up of varying number of elements), while still evaluating all the possible element combinations.

Participants choose "thumbs up" (yes I would purchase) or "thumbs down" (no I would not purchase) for each of the 24 concept screens presented. Each concept is comprised of 2-4 systematically varied elements. MindCart AI deconstructs the concepts into their individual elements and quantifies the contribution (liking value) of each to interest.

In the end, you learn which elements (in the form of statements)...

  • Drive interest and the relative importance score of each
  • Detract from interest
  • Have no impact on interest

The simplicity of MindCart AI is the focused design of 4 categories and 4 elements per category.


  • Provides tactical solutions
  • Quicker than traditional research (3-4 weeks from start to finish)
  • Project Marketing Associates does the programming, fields the study and reports the results directly to you
  • Can create a panel for follow up studies

Cost Savings: The cost of executing a MindCart AI study is 50% less than similar larger scale studies.

Live Bike Purchase Example - view a Bicycle Purchase survey where consumers are asked about the style of the bike, number of speeds they’d like, the type of tires and brand preference. Please (click for demo)

For more information re: MindCart AI you can visit their web site (click here) or feel free to call us @ 412.498.3420