Project Management Training

Project Management is ... leading and motivating team members (functional experts) to ensure a project's goals are met according to company (or client) scope, time, quality and cost constraints.

Our customized approach results in an engaging and entertaining seminar with tactical tools and team building insights tailored to your company, department and employee needs:

  • Project Management Defined - marco and micro strategic perspectives
  • Value to the Organization - Hours and $$$
  • "The Dotted Line"  Team Structure - single and multiple projects
  • Challenges - Full Plate, Calendar, Objective Setting, Lack of Resources...
  • Leadership - Lessons from Good To Great (Jim Collins) and the Last Lecture (Randy Pausch)
  • Tools for Success - Agendas, Minutes, Timetables, Contact Lists ...
  • Project Tracking - Free copies of proprietary software and mobile app
  • Putting it all Together - The 5 building blocks for successful project management

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